Allgenesis Receives Notices of Grant of European, Japanese and Taiwan Patent for AG-73305, a Fusion Protein of VEGF Trap and Disintegrin

Allgenesis Signs Deal to In-License a Clinical Stage Drug Candidate for Dry Eye Disease
Allgenesis Receives Notice of Grant for AG-86893 in Korea and Japan for the Treatment of Pterygium
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June 8th, 2020

Allgenesis Biotherapeutics Inc., a Taiwan based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing novel ophthalmologic drugs, announced today that they have received Notices of Grant for a Patent covering Allgenesis’ second biologic product, AG-73305 in Europe, Japan and Taiwan. AG-73305 is a first-in-class drug that fuses a VEGF Trap and disintegrin into one molecule allowing for multiple pathways in retinal disease that can be inhibited.

“This protein has proven to be safe and efficacious in our animal studies.  Having this patent granted in Europe and Asia opens up more channels to Pharma Companies/business partners interested in collaborating/joint-developing this novel retinal disease treatment with Allgenesis and warrants a bigger market share from EU 5+ countries, Japan, and Taiwan,” said Dr. Madhu Cherukury, Chief Executive Officer of Allgenesis Biotherapeutics Inc.

The newly issued patents provide coverage of the fusion protein and its use to treat angiogenic diseases, such as wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (wAMD) and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) in EU 5+ countries, Japan and Taiwan up to 2036.  This is in addition to patents already established in Australia.

“Since a VEGF Trap is clinically validated to treat angiogenic disease and disintegrins have been found to work to inhibit angiogenesis, inflammation, and fibrosis, a fusion of both molecules can effectively target treatment of various angiogenic diseases, particularly those in ophthalmology.”, added Dr. Cherukury.

For out-licensing and co-development for Allgenesis projects, please see our website ( or send emails to or for more information.

About Allgenesis

Allgenesis is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is focused on research and development of novel medicines for the treatment of eye diseases. Current projects in the pipeline include AG-73305, a potential blockbuster drug for the treatment of DME, wAMD, and other retinal diseases, AG-86893 for pterygium, and AG-80308 for Dry Eye Disease.

About AG-73305

AG-73305 is a first-in-class molecule specifically designed for the treatment of DME, wAMD, and other retinal diseases. AG-73305 is a single fusion protein that simultaneously binds with high potency and specificity to VEGF and integrins, which are known to be involved in retinal diseases. AG-73305 has the potential to treat anti-VEGF responders and non-responders.